Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sid Barrett died

Sid passed away today in Cambrige....Ganaji asked for regime change in Iran....Sollana was disappointed from the negotiation with Larijani....And I still haven't done my pending jobs....such a pitty day....

Sid man, you are the thoughest for today....rest in peace...

Monday, July 10, 2006

King is always in our heart

I've been always supporting Italy in world cups. But this time was different, it was the last competition of the king. An immigrant-borned guy in poor suburb of Marssille. Nice, cool, fare and intelligent. A guy who was touching ball and we were expecting an invantion or let say a piece of art. A guy who never influenced by money and being a celebraty. King was always our king and will be our king.

Apparently Materazi told him terrorist. Indeed, Zidan reaction is noy justified but that guy is so fucking chicky and the world is also too shity. Shame!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fuck it man, fuck it!!!


I've got the fucking Bernoly equation out of just 1000 data pairs, of course with some noise....increadable feeling, after near 200 generations in 10 different sample societies each with 3000 indviduals. I've got it in the 7th society by mutation....Fantastic man, fantastic...I am done!!

Falsability analysis

I am waiting for my results. Computers are working all days and I am just checking them and control them through the run. I can't really do anything more...I have to be in office all day, and just staring to the monitor to check the server and the grid engine. Well, not too much to do so I am hanging around in the campus. Going to library, barber institute, siting in the grass and talk about all kind of bullshit with friends, getting chipsy and again coming back to office.

I still couldn't extract some proved physical rules out of my evolutionary code, but I am going near and near. Yesterday I got to Newtonean kinematic principle. But still Bernoly equation is a pain in the ass. Still waiting for the last results....

I had a very nice discussion last night with Valeria, my lovely collegue and house mate from Uruguay, about happiness. What is the reason to feel it and like all the time I tried to address it in a mathematical way (Math is going to fuck my mind, I am telling you). Anyway during the discussion I got to couple of very important building blocks to put it in my cognition framework. At some points she asked me what you are believing it. It was very tough question...I am thinking about it all the time, but on that moment all of a sudden the dark side become transparant as Martini and Limonad and I reply her: all the things that I can't mathematically proved that they are wrong....Yes, that was the answer. I read it before in Poper bullshits but I never catch the point.... This statement can be used as the new building block. Opening all the sources of information and then try to neglect the wrong statements by new information and feedback from environment....Yannis, man I will make that human modeling system, give me more time man, maybe another life, and new genration of grid engines!!!!

Another fantastic image that she gave me was the interpretation of boundary conditions in our daily life. I am talking about boundry conditin in space, not time. Like two particles with the same characteristics in t=0 but in moving different direction....She gave me the fucking image. We were talking in a very narrow walk and all of the sudden she told me the word. I was searching for it for a long long time. I couldn't help myself and I started kissing her!!!!!...Thanks a lot Valeria, you are a STAR!!!!!!!!....

Math can fuck your mind. But I really love to be fucked up in this way....At least I am not hurting anybody so what more you want from me??...It is the best addiction I guess....You never pay for it from your pocket....so put more math on the table!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nice vacation down the corner

I talked to my friends over Canada, it is just 15 days to see tham. Before that gonna be WCCI in Vancouver and I would see most of my idols. Lotfi Zadeh, Jim Bezdek, Kosko and many other names, which I was reading them just 5 years ago and I was thinking wow they are so so far. I never even dreamed about meeting them. I can feel it...Maybe the feeling of pay back, or maybe changing the level...increasing the potentials let say humanistic interpretation of E=mgh....Nice feeling when you can see it....