Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Third generation

I read this in BBC . It is bunch of pictures and notes by an Iranian teenager. I just translated it to English....I think this is very much the voice of young generation back home:

"Fare enough, everyone has different life...This is the life of third generation here in Iran. Maybe we don't have disco or clubs. Maybe we are not allowed to hug our love in street. But we do provide all the things that we need and don't let them to laugh at our laughing...we will make them cry"

Saturday, November 11, 2006


1- When you are not writing it doesn't mean that noting happen in your life.
2- Actually, when you are not writing it means that you don't have time to write.
3- We are all busy.
4- Being busy is not a big deal. Because everyone is busy.
5- Nobody knows if we should be busy or not.
6- If you are behind your schedule it doesn't mean that you are doing noting.
7- If you love somebody it doesn't mean that the other one loves you too.
8- Sometimes we think that we become freak.
9- Actually all of us are freak.
10- Being freak has several form, but only limited forms have been recognized, because nobody can make money out of it.
11- When you can't make money out of something that something become anti-social.
12- My dad talked about panks with me. I was in wolvesmother concert 1.5 hour later.
13- You are not dealing with people. You are dealing with your mind about people.
14- Optimization can be made. But the choice of objective function is more important.
15- Actually, the choice of objective function makes the fitness landscape.
16- If you have objective function then you have optimization problem.
17- Optimization needs strategy.
18- Sometimes your strategy is useless although it is poetically formulated.
19- You make money out of Spice Girls. I make money out if pinkfloyd. Are we different?
20- A good supermarket should supply all sort of crap because people needs different crap.
21- As far as you have market you gonna survive.
22- You might find your market after you die. Look at red hair Vincent.
23- You gonna come back. I am sure.
n- And our story has been finished but the crows are far far from home.