Monday, June 11, 2007

Andrew's key could open all the invisible boxes

A trip and another trip. This one was just a moment. Realization of something very serious. That nothing is serious. Even the most disgusting feeling, which is the feeling of ruin. The picture that just came out of a missing key and cover all myself and my surroundings.

I opened the most crappy box in mankind's soul and explored all inside for a week. After that I understood that I shouldn't try to open everything in my soul although it is challenging and adventurous. Being brave sometimes (in my case, most of the time recently) means stupidity.

After 10 days, another stability. Or maybe just a self protection. After lots of hassles, I could have managed to close the box and put it in the corner of myself. Maybe it wasn't me and it was closed by itself or at least the box pretend to be closed. I am not gonna open it again, simply because I am really afraid of this particular box. But I have to be very careful with the other boxes there. I hope they are not going to be opened by themselves...

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