Monday, March 20, 2006

Flash back

Today is our own a nation, the only day that we can show our originality....nourooz is always with us, we love it and it is one of our best times...the time for talk to many friends....always nice with family....I mean the best moment....always and for or poor...Educated or working class....doesn't matter, we are happy....

I think all of us are quite positive in the SAL TAHVIL....I, myself, am always like that....for me Nourooz is the time for positive thinking and decision making....I love nourooz regardless to the place or the situation that I'm in....

I remember that last new year that I was back home, my mom cried since she was sure that I will not be there for next years....moms are always true and can feel it....I miss you mom....all the best fot you....

The year before I was struggling with my MSc....quite focused and dedicated to my work, and good job at the end....and I can go past and past and past....I can remember all of least from the age 7....

However, I can't remember a SAL-TAHVIL that I thinked particularly to my country....that piece of land that I am from....worry for it and sad for all the things happening....For CONCERN iranian out of home the situation is really know what I mean....

Today, in this new year, before I want to ask anything for myself, I just want to think to my holy piece of land....I want to ask for PEACE, WEALTH, and FREEDOM of my country....If we don't ask, who wants to? ....Just think about it....

I am thinking now to Ganji family....I believe they are now having their best time atleast in the last 6 years....All of my respect to him and his family.....I remember when he came to KNT and amir ask him what is the Guarantee that if you go to the power, you will not monopolize it....and Ganji just smilled and said Democracy.....and now I can understand it....Ganji meant it and he paid the cost....fare enough, all the credits....If we are agree or not agree with him, he is an icon....the son of our land, Iran....

For myself, now it is nourooz and I am quite happy....noting for now, take everything for yourself!!!!...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Firends are going

I was pretty ill today....I spent all the day in bed sleeping....Actually, it was not a best moment to be ill but what can I say....most of the time, things are coming when they are not meant to come....Remember your love.....Is love also an illness?....

Tonight we had a dinner with Miguel and Gary.....Miguel is going tommorow and Gary on 21th...It was the last night that we spent it to gether.....quiet and nice.....with some Pacharan and of course his magisty!!!...This is not gonna happen in near future at least.....It is in some how used to some people and then when every thing is alright, you should leave them....again things are coming when they are not meant to an a love....

Today, I got a permission to use another cluster.....It is the fifth server with 56 double nodes each 2GHz.....I should change the model and everything.....hopefully I will catch the time....I will....I should....I have to.....

What else for tonight....Noting.....Empty, Empty, Empty....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Syriana and a little bit more

Well, I'm stuck for some time....My work is not going in a way that I like....maybe I'm just too much idealist, which I am....I need a regulator, I believe...Anyway, today I just want to forget about it...

I really encourage you to watch Syriana....Fantastic movie.....I'm not a serious movie watcher, but after Proposition it was the first time that I really enjoy a film....the story was in three different layers: the layer of the young pakistani worker, layer of Bob CIA agent (acted by George Clooney), and the layer of the black lawyer, who was the link to the dirty money of oil companies in states....the screen play was quite parallel but not really complicated....I am not telling you more, so try to watch it as soon as possible....If you are American or Persian, this film is in some how compulsory....Thanks a lot to Aiora who introduced me the film and Yannis to reinforce it....I should also thank Carmen who makes me move my ass and watch the film...

Today, I had an email from a friend who I had no news from for atleast 5 years....I think he was the first reader of this blog....Maybe you know him, I am talking about Alireza Shadabi....Be good buddy and again sorry to make you mad by informing you about Amir's pass know, you just followed the links man, which wasn't in my hand....

Tommorow is another day....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I've started the task queue


LIST...I make list
of all the things that I need to fix
of all the things that I am not prepared for
of all the many things that I read

LIST...I make list
of all the things that I tried for but messed
of all the things that I gave up but cared for
of all the many love that I sent

DREAM....without fear
a worry Iranian is here
under god's pillow which is so small
so you don't have to be worry at all !!

LIST...very long
of all the things that I'm doing wrong
of all the bullshit dependings
of all the things that I love to forget

LIST...very deep
of all the time that I don't seem to be keen
of all the deja vu that still haa no ending
of all the codes thats not going to finish

DREAM...without fear
a worry Iranian is here
worry for the next world war
worry for his friends, for his dog
under god's pillow which is so small
so you don't have to be worry at all !!

LIFE....very short
so when you be here to smoke ?
so what all this shits in my life ?
so why I become human at all ?

DEATH...always near
remember Amir who was saint
go to your bed and sleep
so you can't feel when it be !!

With lovely thanks to Noa, the Juish angel, who gave me the inspiration