Saturday, April 29, 2006


Sometimes something happens and you realize that you are more than an simple evolving random process….by calling a number you remember that you have some relatives somewhere in this planet. Not even that, you realize that one of them have a boy in 9 years of age and you remember the last time that you saw this guy….It was his wedding and I was 18 years old….and you remember the lovely wedding in Rafsanjan, with amazing sky and stars up my head….And you remember that flight from Tehran to Kerman and driving from Kerman to Ranfsanjan with strange landscape which you can just respect it and noting more….
Sometimes just by calling a number you realize that you haven’t been told that your granny was terribly ill….You are talking with her while you are not sure that she even remember who you are….And you can’t say anything to anybody….
Sometimes there is a bee in your room with closed window and you are wondering what you should do….It becomes the toughest problem of your life….should I kill it or not….
Sometimes you receive an unexpected email from a friend and you are floating in your past, when you were young and everybody was young and so innocent….you remember a felling of a childish love that ended so tragic while you smile….
Sometimes you are going to take an exam and you are saying a stupid lie and then you think why I said that and you just remember that you are a human
Sometimes you realize that how much you have been ignorant and how much you suffer other people because of your ignorance….

When the complexity increases, feeling emerges…..When feeling emerges, unconsciousness amplify and after a threshold it makes the system dream and when it dreams it becomes living organism….and I’m still imagining about the similarities and differences which I recently have a great doubt that is it even worth thinking

The bee is still sleeping on the top of the lamp while dreaming!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Whispers in streets

Is it true?

(p1 AND p2 AND p3 AND NOT(q) .EQUALS. NOT((p1 AND p2 AND p3 q)

antecepate I

p1) This guy shouldn't be poor
p2) I'm working like dog, I don't like it
p3) My wife is sleeping with an old rich guy
p4) I hate this showeism
p5) The stock markets collapse
p6) This dirty wonker is lying on tele
p7) 26.5% of youths are jobless
p8) My boss is coropted
p9) The war is near
p10) I can't live without money
p11) Oil will jump to $200 if any conflict happen in middle east even for a day
p12) Binladen is still in the mountains
p13) Oh my goodness, this guy has a boyfriend, but we sleeped with him both together, didn't we?
p14) Bird flu needs another mutation to kill 7,000,000 human being
p15) The sky wouldn't be blue after 2045 if the rate of greenhouses gases increase like this
p16) The guys in power are just lunatic
p17) The shit is up to my nee
p18) Shame, she thinks she is lovely but she is just like a piggy vinch
p19) My popet droped in the lake
p20) We can't talk to each other
p21) The national security means international unsecurity
p22) My husband went to hospital because of heart attack
p23) This house is smoking-free

p24) This is my law, agree or fight
p26) All my family have HIV back home
p27) World is our football pitch
p28) She has been lost for 2 weeks and we know who is responsible
p29) My child is addicted to H...He is 14
p30) I've got a cold
p-inf) I am worry

antecepate II

q) I can help it

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Watch her disappear

Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming of you
And from a window across the lawn I watched you undress
Wearing your sunset of purple tightly woven around your hair
That rose in strangled ebony curls
Moving in a yellow bedroom light
The air is wet with sound
The faraway yelping of a wounded dog
And the ground is drinking a slow faucet leak
Your house is so soft and fading as it soaks the black summer heat
A light goes on and the door opens
And a yellow cat runs out on the stream of hall light and into the yard
A wooden cherry scent is faintly breathing the air
I hear your champagne laugh
You wear two lavender orchids
One in your hair and one on your hip
A string of yellow carnival lights comes on with the dusk
Circling the lake with a slowly dipping halo
And I hear a banjo tango
And you dance into the shadow of a black poplar tree
And I watched you as you disappeared
I watched you as you disappeared
I watched you as you disappeared
I watched you as you

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Writing up

I hate writing....staring to the fucking screen with no idea....having thousands of coffee, cigaretts, showers, drinks and anything else but noting comes...I just hate this feeling.....vomiting a single word is a great pain....

For the next couple of weeks I have to write my progress I just tried but even a single word....Well, there is no other way.....Life is life, Bob is Bob and shit is shit !!!

Today John sent me an email....he went for surfing yesterday....I am really jelous of you my friend, the man of the dark side and cricket!!!!

I was pretty sure that you would like the CD....Listening to Housain Alizadeh in the sunset of wild Australia is a fantastic feeling which rare people ever had.....Should be quite unique, like my staring to the fucking monitor with lots of thinking but no word....

Nice coencidence

I'm not a religous person at all, however I do agree that religons had a great influence on what makes us as human being; and even still has a very strong impact on the path of our life regardless if we are religous or not....On what we call it as convergence trend in optimization.... religons, fortunately or unfortunately is one the principle companents of making history.... nobody has an historical/statistical analysis to show what was the most important factor that people died for it....I haven't got a clue either, but I have this feeling that people died (or been killed) for religons much more than lands....I mean, I am believing that fights for religons were much more bloody than fights for lands or resources....You can just imagine what happened during world war II to Juds, what is happening to Pelestinians now, or what happened to Armenians during world war I.....lots of genocids, civil wars, war between countries, terrors, etc just happened for religions, in the name of god.....for an intouchable fact, maybe just an assumption or a hypothesis, like the absolute static point in the second Newton law as a coordinate for accecelaration vectors.

my point is not criticizing religons at point is that the long-term behavior of religions (or bahaviors created because of the religons) is completely different from what it is supposed to be.... All religious people claim that religons can create pleasure, but pleasure for what or by killing people for a same concept you mean? .....I think the history is really bizzare and created just by fools.....

However, sometimes some nice coencidence is happening....last sunday, if you are Muslem it was Mohammed birthday; if you are Christian it was Easter and if you are Jude it was Pesach.... So for a day the whole fucking world was in global peace which is very nice and I really like it.....At least it was a holiday which is the best moment of the modern life.....

I know that it is just a coencidence and we are much more lunatic to understand that we share much more things to make any sort of distinction in the matter of race, religions and whatsoever among ourselves....At the end of the day if you are a radical religious or a fucking Atheist you have to breathe, eat, shit, shag and sleep and that's it.....we have different forms, fare play but what is the core of all different forms?....just tell me that, I think it is just the human nature and only human nature which makes all of us as human....

Anyway, during 14th centuary in spain it was a city called Toledo which was the main community of let say Avant Gaurd translators of that era.....The aim of that translators was translating Qoran, Bible and Testament in different languages and obviously it made lots of discussions and comaprisons among them.....on that small town, which is more like a monastery than a city, 3 religons were living together and enriching each other without a drop of blood which is quite remarkable....and of course, it may be not more than another nice coencidence

sometimes I think it is better to train the system to reproduce the extreme events or just coenicidences, for instance having different religons and not killing each other which is quite fantasy, I know.....So I don't think anymore and I just fuck off !!!!.... Be prepared for the next world war in the name of god, and of course flavored by nuclear wepones....It will be such a nice and holy termination....So hot and energetic, like having sex after a long like that? you go baby!!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring is coming...

In these 3 days the weather gets better.... either this island likes or not, spring is coming....

We had a good time with Miguel these days....working in holidays, laying in the sunshine, talking about good times that we had together, mouing about tele, and going out....nice and relaxing period....

Work is progressing in background....programs are in run....Although server problems is always there....

Having peace of mind is a great pleasure, evan relatively....

News are also not going well....

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Noting special

I took 2 days off, doing almost noting....I slept 12 hours per day with lots of dreams....Being in a kitchen with a girl that I liked some time ago and talking about future, meeting with an old guy and going with him to an strange base floor in order to find an ancient document and many more which I can't remember anymore....

While I was sleeping lots of things happened.... Proudi elected by something like 20,000 vote differnce, Iran annouced about joining to the Nuclear club, Juliette Binoche left Tehran, and also many other things, for instance a man lost his wife in a car crash, a guy won the lottary, a cat delivered 4 kitten, a Brummy was punched in a local pub and many more which have came and will be forgotten in a while.....

I talked with my parents today....They are doing well and it is a very good news....

Tommorow is a busy day....

Monday, April 10, 2006

Virtual reality

5 days working like hell with little time for sleep, but I finish the job....The meeting with Xin and Andrew was fantastic....They were so impressed and I was so poude of doing something original....Andrew told me that you already got your PhD and that's enough but I denied cause I want more....More and more and more.....

I was thinking to write my best journal paper up to now....Ha ha....Making new direction....I really like the person who shit somewhere and following them several people are coming to re-do it but they just can't; and of course I wana be one of them...pioneering is a big temtptation.... for what?....If you know, tell me please....

I came back home to have a lunch with miguel, while I was in my little world....My colorful globe of fitness landscapes.....I love to be there and just be there.....move from one dimention to another one....making new generation....mating, mutating, recombinating, shuffling....this is my world.....sampling, walking through hills to catch the best peak....the highest.....Each dream is a wana find the best place that satisfies all your dreams....dreams, what is my dream apart from spotting the best location for dreams....

I love my hyper-space....Walking there is just fantastic, and a society which is ended to fucking showeism....But my space is not like not only yellow like the people is so colorful like the real numbers.....inidividualism to the max....I just love it....

Coming back and again on search....NSGAII+hydrologic you mean Hydrological modelling....yes....ok nc-talk is safe, cause it mine.....what the hell is it....again Thorsten.....he published the paper one month after nc-talk!!!!....Again....Jesus.....

I download the paper.....Fuck, he did it....again before me....Fucking 6 months of work.....6 months you now?.....computers, codes, eyes, health, money, girls.....What the fuck is going on here???....

I read the paper....Yes, he did some...good for you man....Ok, you are still pioneer and I am respecting it for sure....But my space is mine.....I will also write my version....You still haven't seen my point.....My version is coming atmost in 2 months man....Not too bad, 6 months after you.....But you should know that I was 5 years behind in 10 months ago....I'm coming.....And I will publish that shit....

The fucking world of numbers is so colorful.....I love colors....Just colors and fading in them....Falling in the optimum and maybe the global optimum.....But who knows where is god... Or who knows even there is a god.....

Changing paradigm....Maybe god is somewhere else in diffrent space with the same numbers..... Do you know.....I built one year of fucking research to criticize it now.....I told you Andrew....

Do you know what is virtuality?....Have you ever think about that meta-program which is running in the whole world.....The unknown code, maybe the Matrix.....You are just a fucking all others....parrallel processes, migration, reconfiguration, imuniation, combination, selection....So who the hell you are.....Who knows the program is true or not....You are just a fucking sample.....A random variable processed by oprators and then just thrown to the fucking not-being.....

Who said that we are the best creature?....Do you know numbers....which one invented first....I'm telling you .....CODES TO CREATE NUMBERS.....So do you want to take the blue pill or the red one???!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Calm days and lots of processes inside (2nd attempt)

Well, I wrote many things and uploaded many pictures but the computer hanged so everything went to shit like the entire fucking world....I have to call my parents and then start reading since I am quite busy in these days....1.5 hour went to shit....shit!!!!....

Gary, man....What can I say???!!!!