Saturday, May 12, 2007

Draws of 14, 32, 99

(For Fabian, Andy, Miki, Margie and Yanni. For accepting me in this period. Now I have nine housemates and two houses... Lucky me!!)

"Here is dark, so dark"
The spirit of dead fishes
cried in AN old picture
of a pond.

It was Yanni's house,

Behind the wall was
The moment
that I should meet
"Bastards, I am free"

Multi-cultural ceremony
A guy from army, Tom Waits
Philosopher, mama, and me
Miki was sleeping.
We were laughing
in a language for all distant myths

What remains
When traitors are
Running your country?
All the money that you've made
Is not gonna save your soul
Are you painting me in black?

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