Friday, May 18, 2007

Hypothesis (After 60,000,000 function evaluations)

1- Modern world in an infinite scale, infinite agent, dynamic phenomenon.
2- Every agents in the universal modern world can be conceptually described by a system.
3- Systems can be definite, probabilistic, stochastic, fuzzy, gray, or even chaotic.
4- There are some agents in the universal modern world that can be formulated quantitatively.
5- The relationships among agents is a massive connectional system.
6- Each connection by itself is a system.
7- There are some connectional systems that can be described quantitatively.
8- Mathematics is the framework of systems.
9- Mathematics is an element in our knowledge
10- Our knowledge is a layer.
11- Knowledge can be described as multi-dimensional system.
12- There are infinite number of surfaces in this system. The union of these surfaces called universal knowledge.
13- The whole universal modern world CAN NOT described by a systematic knowledge although different modules and connections can be described by a system.

* Personal conclusion regarding to PhD: There is a long way home.

* Personal conclusion regarding to my country: I have to start reading about Franco period in Spain.

* Personal conclusion regarding to my sexual life: It can not be described by a system of knowledge.
(Introduction to complex knowledge: Maybe the universal modern world can be described by a complex infinite scale, infinite agent, dynamic mathematical framework called complex knowledge system in which some properties of systematic knowledge get relaxed: x+iy+jz+.... But this is also another layer, for sure)

* Personal quote of the day: "I've made poetry for 7 years in order to learn how to make a sentence because I really like to write. I think before knowing how to make a sentence, you can't write (Richard Brautigan)''

* Personal philosophy: There is no philosophy. It is all about a certain group of linguistic systems
* Personal state:
No entry.
I Just wrote
a Haiku for you...

* Personal path: . . .


Niki said...

ali jan,
that mind of yours is realy busy these days.

do you belive in luck?
if yes wish me luck budy, i need luck to be on my side today.

margarita said...

thank you