Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A short essay in love

(To Amir Ghaforian)

Once upon a time, it was a little red penis who loved a hairy black ass. But because the black ass was so hairy, the little red penis could have never ever managed to kiss hairy black ass's lips. Years and years passed and the red penis is still little and the black ass is still hairy.

I've been told that you've stopped reading recently. You also have gone for that crappy life which has been followed for years and years; everybody, everywhere, here and there. I am still free man, I think I still haven't stepped into the shit but I'm not much better. I mean happier. But you know bloody son-of-a-bitch, at least I don't have an hairy black ass. Actually, I have no ass.

Maybe if you start reading again, the dark tropical jungle around your ass is going to burn. So my little red penis can kiss your nice flat ass lips. Who knows?

(We were on that dusty boiling office when you shouted "Long live impossibility"...)

Miss you buddy and take a very good care of your loneliness surrounded by people

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