Thursday, May 03, 2007


(For all Persian girls in Iran, who have been torchered by the regime these days just because of their beauty. Sun will shine soon, bare the night a little bit more)

There is no neverland
Even this narrow river
Is not gonna end here.
It is not getting blind
Here, in this old farm.

It Just needs a moment,
spark, to be in a rose or cry
To sit inside a fruit,
Takes a boat and lands
On the other side of
Our world

How do you know?
Anoshe might take it to sky
It might be next year in Venus:
A naive plant will grow beside a stone
How do you know?
A random sheep there
Might fall in love,
and dream our home

And how do you know?
If Persian eyes
were seen by another eye
Named Davinci,
Monalisa might be just a gene
Lost in 7,000,000,000
Human lives.

Neverland is a joke
A hoax for tired ones
Don't worry for bullets
They're gonna be bits of
A poem in my mind.

There is no neverland
Under neat of this thick ice
The body of girls, beauties
Is waiting for the sun.

There is no neverland
Each thought has a route
In another one
Each lie in another lie
Religion in market
Devils in angles
But you are there
Always mine

I wish you realized
That our knowledge
Comes from nothing
And then in another
Nothing makes love
With politics, economy

I wish you knew that
Nothing is so full of us
That there is no place
for dying.

I wish...
But, it is a shame
To realize such flowers
Have no name in Persia

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