Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nails trimming

The place that I am writing now is not comfortable at all. I'm in my bed with a laptop on my legs and I am trying to write with no reason.

One morning, I woke up and I remembered that I should go to London to deliver something. I was like a pizza boy....From: Birmingham, To: London. Thanks god, these days at least pizza business is going well.

I had a backpack full of 1 pound stuffs, 5 books, and 1 bubble sword. It was also some knowledge there. Finite element and these sort of bullshits. It was like a modern painting somehow. Very avaunt-guard. From Allen De Boton to TESCO perfume...

They had something in common though: For all of them you have to pay...

I should have also paid. For instance I paid for the ticket to London. In front of me in the queue was an ass chewing gum and I was thinking if she can make bubbles as well or not. It was a nice pair of ass reading SUN and chewing gum.

When I got to the train, I decided (again with no reason) gaze to the eyes of people like a stubborn donkey. I stopped reading. In front of me was a middle class lady, who didn't like me. maybe because of the nuclear sign on my cap. Also I hit her foot 15.5 times without even moving my leg after each hit. I was like the German army in the beginning of the war; just going forward without compensation.

I started gazing to her eyes. She was trimming her nails. She hit my foot and immediately told me sorry, in her language. In my language it means:

You, fucking foreigner hippie, should have said sorry 15.5 times.

I told to her it's OK in my language. In her language it means:

Fuck you, old bitch...

After 10 seconds gazing at her eyes, I understood that without her nails she is just like a fly without wings. A Blondie fly which you can find everywhere even in Taiwan. She was looking at a magazine full of hair colors, with a Chinese advert.

The nails were telling me, you asshole can't even speak English properly. And I replied back: I know; she is telling me the same.

It was a chav and his slut. I understood that when he told her: You are me love. And she replied back by touching his penis. It was a very nice way of communication actually. It has a universal meaning:

Wait for 2 hours...

A girl came in and sat beside me. It was a tall girl, a horse in my age, with Arab origin. I was reading a book in Persian and she asked me where are you come from? I told her I am from this planet where are you from. She smiled and told me I am from here.

I didn't know that Beirut is in UK. But it is. There are loads of Lebanese tastes in London, from Kebab to girls.

They had something in common though: For all of them you have to pay...

I was in a restaurant although in her eyes.

When I was leaving the train, I was dreaming about a group of blonde flys who are smelling a portion of Chinese rice and Arab lamp kebab from a British restaurant in Tehran and they know that the food is gonna be enough for all.

I looked at my nails and wrote: They need to be cut.

My words as well...

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margarita said...

Nice man. Very nice man ;o)