Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fluid particle at 5 O' clock in the morning

It is almost 5 AM and I just got home from the office. My dairy says that the previous time was the last days of November....same story, I mean. Assuming myself as a fluid particle, this period as the time sequence of the process and looking through the process from Navier-Stokes point of view, something is quite obvious: A big change at least in terms of location that I bumped in at 5 AM. I don't really know if it is because of external source or my internal tensor. Is it actually important? Of course not, As a fluid particle who doesn't give a shit to the phyisics of process and just live the last moment, I am much happier now.

its our little penthouse,
we call it our own,
it's got lots of features,
a gold plated phone
and it's all that we've got
to lower the tone at
five o'clock in the morning.

it's cock up and shut up,
it's right and it's wrong,
it's see you tomorrow,
be weak or be strong,
it's hit or be hit,
you know I don't care,
it's five o'clock in the morning.

the red ,white and blue,
it's such a bore,
but it's better than being poor
and it's better than being ignored
at five o'clock in the morning.

so vomit your guts out on the floor,
you know you will be a pawn even though
we are the ones that you adore
at five o'clock in the morning.

Tiger Lillies


Niki said...

i am around. i am here.
i read your stuff amoo jan, with a dedication that you haven't seen, ever. :D

Anonymous said...

Ali, no Tiger Lillies. Please, no Tiger Lillies.

Beyla said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

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